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The QPP Scheme is founded by IBH Pet Industry Development Standing Committee. Together with the following two renowned organizations, SGS and Pet Space, and formed a "QPP Scheme Committee" which aimed to promote higher quality standards in the pet industry and to protect the health and wellness of pets.



Background of SGS

SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Our 93,000 employees operate a network of 2,600 offices and laboratories, working together to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world. We provide worldwide, independent services that make a difference in people’s lives.  


SGS vision in supporting QPP


When it comes to caring for our loved ones, we often think a step ahead. We want to keep them away from potential harm. Today, we believe pets are not just companions but family. Pets’ health and safety are no less important than ours Holding consumers’ beliefs close to our hearts, SGS has participated the QPP program with a common vision to prevailing a higher standard of Hong Kong pet industry through evaluating the product quality and safety as well as healthiness with the goal to safeguard pets’ wellbeing. With expertise in relevant regulatory standards of hard and soft goods, food and nutrition, health and hygiene, etc., tested and compliant products under the QPP program enable pet owners to make the right purchase with trust and ease. 

HK Pet Space Group  

Background of Pet Space Group


As the largest veterinary group in Hong Kong, PET SPACE spans an extensive network of clinics, including a flagship hospital in Singapore. Based on our unique concept of ‘Medutainment’, we strive to deliver comprehensive veterinary care and customer service, from Medication, to Education, to Entertainment. Besides taking care of their basic needs, we are dedicated to helping improve pets’ quality of life and wellbeing 



Pet Space in supporting QPP


As a veterinary leader here in Hong Kong, we believe health and safety for pet is the foundation of their quality of life in which pet owners should be stress free in choosing what is safe for their loved one.  


The QPP program is a big step forward for animal welfare in Hong Kong, historically kick started a quality and safety standards from pet products to pet services in the pet industry.  


The QPP program has bring a positive impact to all pet stakeholders, not only allowed pet owners to choose the safest for their loved one, manufacture & service providers an international guideline to follow but also enable veterinary profession to make suggestions when patients are discharged from hospitals. 

Chief Executive Officer
Alan Lai

IBH Pet 


Background of IBH Pet


The Pet Industry Development Standing Committee (PDSC), founded in June 2020, PDSC is one of the committees of the world-famous organization International Beauty and Health (IBH) Association. It is committed to promoting the pet commercial and industrial development.
The PDSC is a group of professionals in pet business aiming to promote a healthy business environment, to enhance professional standards and education platforms for pet industry. We also aimed to cultivate more professional talents in different areas, thereby creating employment opportunities in different sectors of the pet industry and improving relative consumer rights and quality services and products for pet.



IBH Pet in supporting QPP


QPP, Quality Pet Protection, is one of our main programs in promoting quality standards and welfare for pets.  Together with International renowned examination authority SGS and, the largest veterinary group in Hong Kong, Pet Space, we are proud to present this golden standard to the pet industry in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

We aim to provide the best quality of food, goods and services to our family member, our pet. Our professional partners are providing the most updated and professional guidelines and vet opinions for all pet manufacture and service providers to safeguard the quality of pet products. Our consumers are well assured with their purchase under QPP standard for their beloved pet with trust and confidence.

Executive Vice Chairman
Danny Chan
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