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Quality Pet Protection (QPP) Scheme at Launch 



Quality Pet Protection (QPP) Scheme, the launching ceremony was held earlier at the Meeting Hall, Building 10W of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks. Dr. Bernard Chan Pak-li , Under Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau   

President of the Standing Committee of IBH Pet Development Ms. Lau Yan Tung said, “Quality Pet Protection Scheme connects the key players in the pet industry and professional team such as SGS, the global famous independent testing, inspection and certification company, Pet Space Group, the Hong Kong famous veterinary group. All work together to develop a standard and guidelines for pet products and service. This scheme strives to provide protection for the pet industry and individual consumers.” 

She said, “We all work together to promote pet food and pet service that are healthy, reliable and safe for the benefit of pets. Inferior quality is unaccepted. We build the groundwork for the pet industry, in defense of the rights of our furry family. This scheme is currently based in Hong Kong as a starting point and will extend to Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and overseas.” 

During Dr. Chan Pak-li’s speech, he said, “The outline Development Plan of Greater Bay Area Development mentions that Hong Kong and other Greater Bay Areas need to make good use of testing and certification service in Hong Kong, in recognition of its competitiveness, alongside with Hong Kong’s unique advantages in geographical location and political system, and its good reputation internationally. Not only traditional industries adopted testing and certification services, such as clothes making and toy making industries, Chinese medicine, jewelry and construction materials also adopted these services in recent years. The launching of this project, amid the booming development of Hong Kong’s pet market, will continue to help boost the development of related industries, provide a better and healthier life for pets and pet owners. ” 

Other officiating guests include, Steven Du, Chief Operating Officer of SGS North East Asia, Carmen Pang, Founding President of IBH International Beauty & Health General Union, Samson Lee, Executive President of IBHGU, Alan Lai, Chief Executive Officer of Pet Space Group, Pet Specialist Dr. Gary Lo, Pet Ambassador Strawberry Yeung Yuk Mui, Baby Bo Pui Yue, Vivian Koo Ya Mei, Chef Jacques Kagi and so on.      

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