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Quality Pet Protection Scheme

Quality Pet Protection Scheme (QPP) is dedicated to protecting pet’s health and well-being by prevailing and promoting higher standards of pet products and services. Quality products and services tested and verified by global individual testing organization and veterinary profession not only help pet owners make the right choice for their beloved ones at ease, but also help brands stand out from their competitors.


Quality Pet Protection Scheme was established to promote and prevail higher standards of Hong Kong pet industry through continuous education of skills and knowledge for pet owners and stakeholders, which ultimately protect pets’ health and rights. Our areas of interest are ranged from pet raising, quality of food, supplement, accessories products to health services standards for pets. 


  • Enhance Brand/ Company image

  • Products are tested and services are audited by 3rd party certification body 

  • Set quality standards above the competitors 

  • Public Engagement  

    • Annual certification award which involving both online and offline medias 

    • Continuous Improvement 

    • Encourage the market to enhance the pet products and services quality 


  • Quality Product

  • Service Quality Excellence

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